Red Flags of Serious Trouble with Your Septic Tank

You may not pay any mind to your septic tank, and for this reason, this system tends to be neglected when it comes to care and maintenance. This ambivalence toward your septic tank is what sets the path toward severe problems, which leave you with a messy and calamitous plumbing situation on your hands. Thus, it is prudent for every individual to know how to spot the symptoms of potential trouble so that they can seek plumbing services before it is too late. This article touches on the some of the red flags that would be indicative of serious trouble with your septic tank.

Noxious smell pervading your premises

Since your septic tank is tasked with waste elimination, it is not surprising that one of the first symptoms of impending problems would be foul odours spreading on your property. Some homeowners make the mistake of brushing off the bad smell assuming that it has floated in from the outdoors. What you may not be aware of is that your senses become accustomed to the odour, so it stops bothering you. When you start to catch a whiff of sewage in or around your home, it would be advisable to call your plumber to inspect your septic system as soon as possible.

Your garden is becoming greener

Not many people would have qualms about the grass in their garden growing greener seemingly with no effort on their part. But if you have not been flexing your green thumb yet your garden looks to be thriving, you should be worried about a leak in your septic system. The waste materials collected in the septic tank can be an excellent source of manure and fertiliser for your garden. If a septic leak remains undetected, it would only be a matter of time before you notice your grass appears to be lusher and the foliage is healthier than it previously was. Take note of whether this luxurious growth is happening close to your septic system as this would be a sure-fire sign that you need immediate plumbing services.

Your toilet is slow to flush

Once in a while, your toilet may experience problems with flushing, and this will typically stem from heavy usage. As the components wear down, you may find yourself having to rearrange the internal parts, so the flushing lever works correctly. However, if your toilet is losing its flushing capabilities but the hardware seems intact, it tends to be a red flag of septic system problems. Do not dilly-dally calling your plumber as you could end up with sewage backing up your toilets and causing an unimaginable mess.