4 Problems Causing Your Toilet To Stop Working

The thought of using a toilet with a wrecked flush is mortifying, but it occurs more commonly than you think. If you're in the comfort of your own home, you're probably in luck because you can undertake a few steps on your own to try and get it fixed. If you can't, call a professional plumber right away. Here are some problems causing your toilet flush to stop working.

Damaged Or Displaced Flapper

The flapper is a component located at the bottom of the flush tank that opens up to enable water to flow when you press the button. It then returns to its original closed position and allows the tank to fill up with water once again. Sometimes the flapper may have moved from its chain or rod, and you simply need to prod it back into place to get the flush working once again. If the chain or the flapper is broken, then it will need complete replacement.

Damaged Or Obstructed Float

You will also need to check the toilet float to see whether it is has raised enough to enclose the valve. If it hasn't, then it could be because of a problem with the float, or there may be some obstruction preventing the float from performing this action. An obstruction can easily be cleared to get the toilet flush working once again, but you will need to get the float replaced if it is damaged or broken.

No Water In The Flush Tank

If you press down the flush handle and no water comes out, it could be because the tank is empty. In this case, you may want to check that the pipe tap connected to the flush is on and water is flowing through. If the pipe tap is off, then you simply need to turn it on and water will flow into the flush tank. But if the tap is on and no water flows through, then a plumber will need to inspect for broken or damaged pipes.

Loose Flush Handle

Sometimes your flush handle will lose its connection to the flapper valve and may become loose. In some instances, you will simply need to tighten the nut holding the flush handle together. In others, you may simply need to clean it to remove debris and dirt formed inside to get it working once again. But if neither solution works, you may need to get it replaced completely.

A toilet that won't flush can be frustrating, especially if you have only one in your home. If you cannot assess and fix the problem on your own, call a professional plumbing company, such as Peninsula Plumbing S.A., right away.