4 Things to Consider Before a Bathroom Renovation

The bathroom might be one of the smaller rooms in the house, but the purpose it serves cannot be underestimated.  When it comes to design, a number of factors must be looked into. Likewise, remodeling should be an equally well thought out plan. In this article, look at some of the considerations you have to make before starting a renovation on your bathroom.

1. Budget

You will need a budget to determine how much you want to spend on the project. Renovations can be an expensive affair if proper budgeting is not done beforehand. By clearly defining what you will need for the renovation, you will be able to spend wisely and only buy what is essential and necessary. 

 2. Is it an upgrade or just a renovation

Quantify the amount of work you will be doing by knowing clearly whether you are going to lift the face of the bathroom or if you need an extreme makeover. This should be top of the agenda as it will also advise on the budgetary allocation you will need for this project. A simple renovation might just be changing the lighting or adding medicine cabinets in the room. Whatever the purpose, you have to plan well and go for what you need.

3. Have a time-frame in mind

You do not want to start the project then stop halfway for whatever reason. The best thing to do is to understand that the renovation might take you some time and during this period, you will need a separate room to serve the purpose of the room under renovation. If you have multiple bathrooms, then it is wise to do the renovation in phases, so that you have a spare room to use. Working with a professional might also help because you can get a time estimation on when to expect completion of the project.

4. Consider input from other family members

It might not just be a simple renovation you are doing, but a complex one that will call for new tiling, new bathtubs, doing lighting and so forth. Having members of the family contribute to decision making will be the best way to have a finish that is impressive and acceptable to all. 

Always consider hiring a professional if you are not sure about what you will be doing. Bathroom renovations can be completed and can make you incur expenses that you wouldn't if you had an expert handle your project.