3 Vital Pre-Summer Tasks To Complete For Your New Home’s Backyard Pool

Summer is just around the corner and most regions of Australia are already beginning to enjoy the onset of the warmer weather. If you've recently bought a home that has a swimming pool, then you're probably even more excited about the coming summer than usual. Having a backyard pool to cool down in on a hot day is a luxury and a welcome joy when the mercury starts to shoot up.

If this is the first summer you're about to enjoy with your new pool, then you may not be entirely sure what you need to do in preparation for daily pool use. Here are three essential tasks you should organise in anticipation of the coming warmer months.

1. Have your pool pump serviced

Like any piece of machinery, your pool pump requires an annual service an maintenance check. Although small, the pool pump is a very important element in maintaining a safe and healthy environment in your pool. A service will ensure that the pump is working safely and effectively and that any worn or damaged components are repaired or replaced before they cause big and expensive problems.

An inefficient or broken pump can cause a number of problems if it's not addressed in a timely manner. Bacteria and algae can breed and grow rapidly in inadequately filtered water, particularly during warm weather. This not only creates an unhealthy swimming environment, but it can also lead to a complete draining and disinfection of the entire pool and all components.

2. Have the water quality tested

Many pool owners can successfully manage the water quality of their pools themselves. However, if you're a newcomer to pool ownership and maintenance, the wisest course of action is to use the services of a professional. Pool chemicals are necessary but can be harmful if they're used incorrectly or in the wrong amounts.

A pool service professional will initially check the pH levels of your pool water and use chemicals to adjust it accordingly. They'll also test the water for evidence of any harmful bacteria that can enter your pool via leaf litter of bird droppings. Once the water is deemed safe, it's wise to have your water quality tested regularly to ensure that it stays that way.

3. Have the pool fencing checked

Drowning is one of the biggest causes of death for children and as a result, there are very strict rules and regulations which govern pool fences. In a new home, it's recommended that you have a safety inspection done on your pool fencing, even if the vendor has advised that it was completed prior to the sale. Although there will be a small cost involved, the peace of mind it will give you is priceless.