Why Install Timed Flow Taps in Your Office Toilets?

Sometimes, the taps in your office toilets give you headaches. They work, but they aren't always used carefully. You have to deal with anything that goes wrong with them.

If your toilet has regular taps in its sinks, then you may save yourself some hassle by switching to timed flow taps. These taps turn on with a push and then gradually turn themselves off again. How might they help you?

Timed Flow Taps Reduce Mess

While you may think that washing your hands is simply about turning the tap on, washing, and then turning the tap off again, this process doesn't always work seamlessly. People can leave taps on accidentally.

For example, someone might start washing their hands in one of your toilets and get distracted. If one of their colleagues knocks on the door and says that they have a client call, they may rush out without turning the tap off fully or at all. If the plug is in the sink, then the sink will carry on filling until it overflows. This also happens if soap falls and blocks the plug, or if the sink is a bit blocked and can't drain the running water out quickly enough.

Overflowing water creates a mess at any time. If a tap was left running at the end of the day, then you could end up with a bigger flood that causes some damage. If you install timed flow taps, then you won't have any problems. The tap will turn itself off automatically before any damage can be done.

Timed Flow Taps Reduce Water Wastage

People don't always think about the water they use when they run a tap. They may turn the tap on to wash their hands and then leave it running for too long. Again, people can get distracted from the job at hand.

For example, they may start chatting with their friends, fixing their make-up in the mirror or checking their mobile phone messages. They'll get around to washing their hands eventually but, in the meantime, they may have wasted a lot of water.

A timed flow tap is designed to run enough water to wash your hands. It then stops. So, people won't be able to waste as much water. This reduces your office's water usage and your bills.

Your plumber can easily switch your taps to timed flow models. To find out more about their features and benefits, ask your plumber for advice.