Why You Shouldn’t Try To Tackle These Common Plumbing Problems On Your Own

Deep down many people like to think they are quite handy with tools, at least in some capacity or another. You might very well be quite handy at construction or still utilise the skills you learnt in high school robotics to help update and fix your computer. However, unless you are quite well versed in plumbing (ie., you have a qualification of some kind), you really should not be attempting to solve even rudimentary plumbing issues on your own. Here are three common plumbing problems that you should always call a plumber for, even if you think you can handle them.

Blocked Drains

Blocked drains can happen for a number of reasons. Sometimes it is your fault, and a clump of hair or food waste is clogging it up, other times it has nothing to do with you and a tree root has invaded your pipes or the old plumbing has become so thick with sediment it is impenetrable. By trying to fix it on your own, you can not only break holes in your plumbing, which you may mistake as freeing up the clog, but you can also very easily get quite sick. This is not a healthy environment to try and play around in, nor is it good to use harsh chemicals without knowledge of what they can do.

Leaking Tap

No matter how careful you are or how sure you are that the problem is just a faulty washer or seal, trying to fix a leaking tap can be a minefield. If you misplace one component when you are putting it back together or got your initial diagnosis wrong, then when you turn the water back on, you could have a brand new fountain in your bathroom or kitchen. It is far easier to just let an expert come in and update your taps so that they last longer and don't require any more maintenance. 

No Hot Water

Hot water is not only a plumbing issue but also one that often requires an electrician. As it concerns both electricity and water, you should always exercise the utmost caution. This is not a case of simply switching it on and off again, but rather you will need a full inspection to see what component has aged past the point of no return and whether or not the entire system can be salvaged. Hot water systems don't break down easily, so when they do, you should be very proactive about getting them fixed. 

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