Adding Working Plumbing to Your Traveling Van

An increasingly popular option for low-cost travel is to try van living. Living in a van full time means fitting out the van of choice with a sleeping area, cooking area and storage area. Depending on the size of the van, you may also be able to incorporate a shower as well. Before you get started on your van build, there are a few things to know about your plumbing options. Here are some ways plumbers can add working plumbing to your travelling van for long term living. 

Gravity-Fed Plumbing

One of the first things you will need to discuss with your plumber, for your long term van living build, is a gravity-fed system. The gravity-fed system works by having your usable water placed at a higher level in the space so the weight of the water controls the pressure of the water flow. This system can be used for all the water in your van depending on the uses you require. For example, you can have larger water storage systems installed in the upper cabinet area. The plumbing can be connected to offer the gravity flow to follow through to the shower, sink and toilet if that is an option. 

Tube and Plumbing Layout

You may be attempting to handle your van build on your own. One reason you should consider using professional plumbers for your water flow and system deals with the tube and plumbing layout you will need. The way your plumbing lines should be laid out will depend greatly on the space you have for van living, as well as the make and model of the van. For example, you may be using a larger cargo style van rather than a traditional daily use family fan. The amount of space is drastically different and may leave you with only having one water source and one feed line while larger vans have multiple options. 

Water Storage and Drainage

A key component of water, plumbing and van living is found within the storage of the water and drainage of that water. You will need to ensure that not only is your water storage enough for your daily needs, you will also need to ensure it is easy to refill and replace. You will also need to ensure you have proper drainage of the water into a separate greywater storage runoff. This will also require proper plumbing lines from a professional plumber in order to ensure safe flow and usability.

When you are ready to begin your long term living build for your van, contact your local plumber. They can discuss options available to you and how they can utilize the small space you have. They can also help you with various options you may have in regards to greywater systems and water storage for travelling and usage.