Dealing With Blocked Drains? Risks You Face If You Don’t Have Them Cleared Right Away

If you have drains in your home that are sluggish, now's the time to clear the blockage. You might think that you can postpone cleaning your sluggish drains, but that's not the case. Any type of blockage can be bad for your drains and for your home. In fact, minor blockages can become major blockages once enough debris collects in the drains. Over time, your sluggish drains will stop draining altogether. That's why it's important to take care of blockages as soon as they become an issue. If you still think you can wait to call a plumber, read the list provided below. You'll find three increased risks you face if you don't clear the blockage right away. 

Increased Flood Risks

If you've got some blockage going on in your drains, you're at an increased risk for floods. If water and debris can't flow through the drains, you can expect to encounter some backups. Some backups might be easy to recover from, especially if backups involve your sinks or bathtubs. However, if the backups involve your toilets or floor drains, you could be looking at extensive flooding, especially if you're not able to control the flow in a timely manner. To reduce the risk of flooding, have your plumber clear the drain blockage as quickly as possible. 

Increased Odour Problems

If the drains in your home are blocked but they're still able to drain, you might think that you have the situation under control. However, that's not necessarily the case. In addition to dealing with sluggish drains, you also have to worry about potential odour problems. That's because all the debris that's building up in your drains is going to start rotting. Once that happens, the odours will come up through the drains. Before you're left with a home that smells of rotting waste, contact a plumber to have the blockage cleared from the drains. 

Increased Disease Risks

If you've got drains that are blocked, you also have the perfect breeding ground for bacterial growth. Not to mention all of the pests that might be attracted to the odours coming from the drains. Unfortunately, the standing water inside the drains gets combined with the waste products. As such, this can create an unsanitary situation for your family. Before you are faced with that situation, schedule an appointment with your plumber to clear the blockage in your drains. 

Contact a plumber for more information about blocked drains.