Critical Instances to Call a Plumber for Water Heater Replacement

Today, hot water has become a necessity for modern households and is commonly used for bathing and washing. However, water heaters do not last forever, and they can break down due to poor maintenance. Consequently, a water heater ceases to be efficient and can significantly cost you lost energy. While some water heater defects can be repaired, others are irreparable, and the only solution is a replacement. However, only a professional plumber can help with such a replacement. This article highlights the telltale signs that you need a plumber to replace a water heater.  

Multiple Repairs — Although quality water heaters are designed to last many years, intermittent repairs are essential on sensitive parts. Of course, there is nothing wrong with calling a plumber to repair a faulty water heater. However, replacement might be the only option if it becomes apparent that you have repeatedly been calling a plumber for water heater repairs. Notably, every visit by a plumber costs money, and since most charge by the hour, you can end up spending a lot on repairs. Therefore, instead of relying on a plumber for endless repairs, call them for replacement services. A professional plumber will help you choose the best water heater brand suitable for your needs, saving you a lot in repair costs.

Preference for Tankless Water Heater — When you talk to most experienced plumbers, they will tell you that tank water heaters are the most common design they deal with in residential homes. The tanks act as reservoirs; therefore, some hot water will be available even if a house has no running water. However, plumbers admit that tank water heaters take up a lot of space, not to mention the necessary maintenance. In this regard, plumbers are getting calls from homeowners who want to replace their tank water heaters with tankless models. Although tankless water heaters are easy to install, removing an existing tank requires a plumber's expertise and experience.

Reddish Colour in Water — A professional plumber's role in ensuring water from a hot water tank is crystal clear cannot be overstated. Notably, regular inspections of the hot water system can help identify corrosion and prompt the necessary repairs. However, extensive corrosion in hot water systems is usually irreversible, and plumbers often recommend replacement. Therefore, when you see reddish water flowing from your faucet, you must call a plumber immediately for a replacement. Water only turns red from corrosion if the problem is widespread beyond repairs.

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