How to Unclog Your Sewer Pipe

Why Install Timed Flow Taps in Your Office Toilets?

Sometimes, the taps in your office toilets give you headaches. They work, but they aren't always used carefully. You have to deal with anything that goes wrong with them. If your toilet has regular taps in its sinks, then you may save yourself some hassle by switching to timed flow taps. These taps turn on with a push and then gradually turn themselves off again. How might they help you? Read More 

Tips on How to Handle a Plumbing Emergency

A plumbing emergency can occur at any time, whether you had noticed some warning signs or not. What should you do when you face a plumbing disaster? Depending on the plumbing problem at hand and the affected part of the plumbing, there are various steps you need to take to rectify plumbing disasters. This article will outline some of the initial actions you must take during a plumbing emergency, and how your emergency plumber can assist. Read More 

Why Your Toilet Bangs After a Flush

Toilets don't flush silently, but you get used to the noise your toilet generally makes. However, if you hear a loud bang or bangs at the end of the flush, then you will be wondering if something is wrong with your toilet or your plumbing. Why is your toilet making banging noises and what can you do about it? Single Bangs After a Flush If your toilet gets to the end of its flush cycle and then makes a short single bang, then your cistern may have a problem. Read More 

3 Vital Pre-Summer Tasks To Complete For Your New Home’s Backyard Pool

Summer is just around the corner and most regions of Australia are already beginning to enjoy the onset of the warmer weather. If you've recently bought a home that has a swimming pool, then you're probably even more excited about the coming summer than usual. Having a backyard pool to cool down in on a hot day is a luxury and a welcome joy when the mercury starts to shoot up. Read More 

Hydro Jetting

Plumbers offer all kinds of services these days, from installing new central heating systems to dealing with leaky taps. Among the many jobs that they might get called out to do is to clear a clogged up sewer. There are a number of techniques available to plumbers to clear debris out of an underground sewer line. Among them is rodding which consists of connecting a number of rods together and shoving them into the sewer by hand until the problem area has been located. Read More